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Wedge wire screen
for filtration 

Our wedge wire screen is used for filtration, separation, dewatering, collection and support. 

Bluslot™ Wedge Wire Filter

Wedge Wire Screen Specialist Precision Filtration

Bluslot filter is the largest manufacturer of wedge wire screen products in North China. It integrates production, R & D and sales, providing customized services for global customers. 
We have a complete range of products, including filter element, screen panels, cylinder, basket, strainer, drum, nozzles, grate and so on.



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Our Happy Clients

The wedge wire screen lets us meet.


Wedge Wire Screen
design and quantity combined together

Advanced production equipment: Wedge wire screen (vee wire mesh screen) production equipment, Numerical control machine, Laser welding, plasma welding, argon arc welding, resistance welding and other welding equipment, Intelligent mechanical arm, molybdenum wire cutting, laser cutting, Large Stamping Machine and Other Equipment.


Advantages of our wedge wire screen

Product quality is the core of brand development, Blulsot filter has a strict quality management system, we have a number of process technology innovation patents. In order to make the wedge wire filter products can be applied to more precise filtration process, we have broken through the minimum filtering accuracy of 10 μm after 3 years’ efforts.

Perfect Roundness

The roundness of wedge wire filter element tests the production process of a factory. The filter element with high roundness has higher efficiency and is not easy to be blocked. 
Bluslot is perfect in this respect.

10 Microns

The minimum filtration accuracy of our wedge wire screen filter has reached 10 microns. This technological breakthrough enables the wedge wire screen filter element to be applied to more precise filtration process.

Welding Process

We use the most advanced annular fusion welding process. V wire and supporting rod can be welded together more firmly. 
The product is not easy to deform and has long service life.


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Export country: US, Australia, Canada, Chile, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, France, Japanese, United Kingdom, Russia, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Singapore, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, Poland, Mexico, South Africa and more than 80 countries and regions.
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