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2205 Dual Phase Steel Centrifuge Basket Screen


Centrifuge basket screen is mainly used in centrifugal dehydrator dehydration, and is widely used in coal, chemical industry, metallurgy and other industries. The screen basket is one of the key components of the centrifugal dehydrator and a high-speed rotating component. During operation, the screen basket should not only bear the vibration load, but also bear the serious impact of coal and water, so the strength and accuracy requirements are relatively high.

  • The variety and specification are complete, which can meet the use requirements of different screening.
  • The main process size is accurate and the error is small, so that the installation is time-saving and labor-saving
  • The welding quality is good, the structure is firm, and there is no open welding, cracking and other phenomena of the screen bar.
  • Uniform screen gap, smooth screen surface, high opening rate and strong screen permeability.