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A detailed explanation of triangular drill pipe


Triangular drill pipe: alias: triangular drill pipe, anti collapse drill pipe, anti lock drill pipe.

Overview: triangular drill pipe is a kind of drill pipe for coal mine drilling, which is made of triangular arc steel pipe with cone transition as drill pipe body and friction welding with threaded or triangular, square and hexagonal drill pipe joints.

Product buckle

Connection form: square connection, hexagonal connection and threaded connection. Taper thread connection is widely used in use.。

Product Usage

It is widely used in coal seam and near coal seam geological conditions of drilling, coal mine water exploration drilling construction, also can be used in geophysical exploration and water conservancy construction engineering anchoring, drilling construction and other fields.

Product Advantage

In the process of drilling, three semicircular gaps are formed between the drill pipe and the borehole wall, which expands the channel for removing dust and tile s, so that the pulverized coal can be discharged smoothly, and the drill pipe sticking accident can be avoided. At the same time, due to the rotary greasing of three smooth surfaces of the drill pipe, the borehole wall can be solidified, and the occurrence of hole collapse in soft coal seam can be reduced. This product has the characteristics of reasonable design, reliable, good slag removal effect, deep drilling depth and good void forming effect. It is a type of deep void drilling in loose and disordered geological conditions and soft coal seam.

Product process

Friction welding process is mainly used for triangular drill pipe, which can be divided into two kinds from material. One is 42CrMoA joint material welded with triangular steel pipe, and friction welding process is used for both ends. The other is to mill and weld 42CrMoA material for the whole perforated round steel. The male button is friction welded, and the female button is directly threaded on the perforated round steel.

Recommended construction technology

When drilling in soft coal seam with triangular drill pipe, it is better to adopt the drilling method of air slag removal, equipped with our company’s light orifice dust suppression device, which can achieve the ideal drilling and hole forming effect. Flushing drilling method will increase the probability of hole collapse and sticking, but it still has high performance and hole forming advantages compared with cylindrical drill pipe. The diameter difference between the drill bit and the drill pipe should be 10-15mm. If the diameter difference is too large, it will reduce the effect of trowel drill pipe on hole wall.

Matching of products and drill bit

Triangular drill pipe is mainly used in soft coal seam. Its matching with drilling rig and bit is basically the same as geological drill pipe. It is mainly used with pneumatic frame column drilling rig and full hydraulic drilling rig.

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