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Founded in 1997, after 20 years of development, we have become the largest exporter of wedge wire screen in China.
– Slottle screen
Wedge wire filter
Water & Oil well screen
Wedge Wire Intake Screen
Ballast Water Filter Element
Wedge Wire Rotary Screen
False bottom screen
Wedge Resin Trap Screen
Sugar Mill Screen
Sieve Bend Screen
Lateral Assemblies
Filter Nozzle
We have nine production lines, a professional technical team, an independent quality inspection system, and a perfect after-sales service team, which can provide customized processing services for global customers.

Provide the best solution for filtration&separation – All loyalty to the brand

Innovation is a shortcut to the company’s development. Every year, we invest 20% of our income in R&D and equipment upgrading, through technological innovation, upgrade of the production line can reduce equipment cost and provide high cost-effective products for global customers.


In 1997
Mr. Zhang graduated from Hebei Agricultural University. He co-founded the Bluslot™ brand with three of his classmates. Due to a lack of funds, Mr. Zhang rented only a 300 square meter workshop. The factory can only produce a V-shaped drum screen(used for separator).
Bluslot ™ begins its journey.

In 2005 – 2007
Bluslot ™ began to develop overseas business and accumulated a large number of overseas wedge wire screen customers.
Director Hu (Technical Director) visited Germany for the first time to Investigate wedge wire screen products and invested heavily in importing advanced production equipment from Germany. On October 23, 2007, Bluslot ™ had its first modernized production chain.

In 2009
Director Hu led the technical team to upgrade the production process of wedge wire screen, overcome roundness problems, and develop special surface treatment technology so that our products reached the top level of the industry.

In 2013
This year is the most important year for our company’s development.
Previously, we chose to occupy the market at a low price in the cruel industry competition. But more and more after-sales problems make us realize that this development concept will hinder our brand building.
In October, we formulated the basic production principles, abandoned the low-price interval market, improved the production chain, purchased more advanced production equipment, and reduced personnel costs. Products to achieve excellence, wedge wire screen products into the filter industry works of art.

In 2017
Bluslot ™ became the largest exporter of wedge wire screen products in China.
The filtration accuracy has broken through 10 microns.

In 2018
Cooperate with municipal authorities in Accra, Ghana to provide metal filter element projects for municipal water treatment.