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Additional use value of cow dung


After being treated by cow dung manure separator, cow dung sewage accounts for an appropriate proportion with straw, sawdust and fungus residue

The cow dung treated by the cow dung drying machine is mixed with straw, sawdust and fungus residue according to an appropriate proportion (excreta accounts for 80-90%, others account for 10-20%). 1 ton of raw materials (about 2.5 tons of fresh materials) plus 1 kg of organic fertilizer starter, according to 1 kg starter plus 5 kg of rice bran (or wheat bran, corn flour and other substitutes) diluent, and then evenly sprinkle it into the raw material pile, mix it and make alcohol. 
Note that it is better to use rice bran without unified bran. The nutritional composition and ventilation of fresh rice bran are much better than old rice bran. During the whole process of alcohol production, pay attention to appropriate oxygen production and stacking. The temperature control is 55-65 ℃. Too high temperature is harmful to nutrients. 
The moisture content of alcohol raw materials shall be controlled at 60 ~ 65%. Too high and too low are unfavorable for alcoholism, less water and slow alcoholism; Too much water will cause poor ventilation, slow temperature rise and peculiar smell. 

Water content of cow dung after treatment by cow dung separator   

Adjust the moisture content of raw materials: straw, sawdust, fungus residue, dry soil powder, etc. can be added if the moisture content is too high. How to distinguish whether the moisture is suitable or not: grasp a handful of raw materials, see the picture watermark between the fingers, but there is no water seepage, and the ground type is scattered. After 5-7 days, complete deodorization of raw materials, fat retting, pest control and sterilization can be carried out. The finished organic fertilizer is bulky and dark brown, with a little wine aroma or soil flavor. It has rich and colorful nutrients. It is safer and more convenient to be applied to the field. It is used as the culture soil for vegetables, fruits, crops, flowers and seedlings, with a higher appreciation of use value. 

Dehydrate the raw manure water of livestock and poultry into liquid and solid fertilizer 
Liquid fertilizer can be immediately used for food crops, solid fertilizer can be transported to fertile land for reuse, and can also improve soil texture. In addition, after alcoholization, it can be made into granular organic fertilizer to improve added value. The excrement that makes people cover their nose and put an end to comes in from one end of the pipeline of the car, and the other end of the pipeline becomes organic chemistry, bio organic fertilizer raw materials and cold water. The first shows a new and upgraded method to solve excrement by almost magic.

Solid-liquid separation and dehydration process of cow dung drying machine   

Cow dung separator is a complete set of FRP septic tank hard block solving machine and equipment. It selects automatic waste water, sludge and excreta to quickly solve the system software. It has gone through three stages (solid-liquid separation equipment, drug detection and excreta classification) to maintain environmental protection, energy conservation, environmental protection and harmless treatment. For all the extracted feces, first carry out solid-liquid separation equipment according to the equipment to separate solid wastes such as stones, toilet paper, packaging bags and other residues, resulting in coarse slag.  
This kind of coarse residue can be treated as food, clothing, housing and transportation waste; After the solid-liquid separation equipment, according to the drug detection system software, fecal mixing and drug integration, so that the resulting waste enters the final classification system software and becomes the raw material for manufacturing organic chemical and biological organic fertilizer (i.e. raw fertilizer. Alcohol and raw fertilizer can be further transformed into mature fertilizer). The removed water can be discharged immediately according to the raw water environmental protection standard of the main road. 
The water content of organic matter in cow dung soil is higher than manure and pig dung. The actual effect of improving the soil layer is stronger and more integrated into the growth and development of vegetables and fruits, which has been confirmed in the manufacture of vegetables and fruits in Shiling, hucenfan and other villages. Therefore, if the biogas slurry and cow dung produced by the dung processor are put into appropriate areas or developed and utilized, they can be used as waste. For example, biogas slurry can be used to irrigate vegetables and fruits immediately, and cow dung can be used as raw material to produce organic fertilizer. This is in line with the development trend of Yitian agriculture and animal husbandry. The actual effect of biogas slurry plus organic fertilizer irrigation of vegetables and fruits is better.