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Advantages of automatic backwash filter


Automatic wedge wire screen backwash filter is widely used in various water treatment projects, which is closely related to its own advantages.

The advantages of an automatic wedge wire screen backwash filter over a traditional filter are a small floor area, convenient installation, good filtering effect, low cost, and convenient maintenance.

The backwashing process of the full-automatic backwashing filter is guided by the pilot valve operation realized by the controller pulse. The wedge wire filter element is rinsed in turn. When the full-automatic backwashing filter cleans one of the filter elements, the other can work normally and can be rinsed many times.

The process of automatic backwashing filter not only reduces the trouble of manual flushing but also ensures continuous work, improves work efficiency. The increase of backwashing frequency helps to extend the service life of the filter element.

Another advantage of the full-automatic backwash filter is its high filtering accuracy, which is 100 μ m by default and can reach 10 μM.

The experimental results show that the removal rate is higher when the filter material is greater than the filtration accuracy, and vice versa. It can be seen that the higher the filtration accuracy is, the better the filtration effect is.

The full-automatic backwash filter has good social and economic benefits. While achieving the same or better improvement of water quality, it only needs less cost, and the operation is more simple and convenient.

The application scope of automatic backwash filters is also very wide, covering almost all aspects of production and life, such as the petrochemical industry, paper industry, steel industry, thermal power industry, fine agriculture, and food industry.