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Application of 10 micron wedge wire filter in petrochemical industry


People who know about the production process of petroleum and chemical enterprises will know that the production environment of such enterprises is relatively special. For example, for chemical enterprises, most chemical raw materials are very corrosive, and most of the equipment used for production work in acid-base environment. 

In the production process of chemical enterprises, in order to meet the needs of filtration, a large number of stainless steel wedge wire screen filter need to be added in many links, and the filter screens selected by most enterprises are made of stainless steel. Moreover, due to the processing and production in the acid-base environment, there are also high requirements for the material of stainless steel wedge wire screen filter elements, More often, enterprises are generally in place at one time and directly use 316L material with the highest nickel content. 

Let’s popularize 316L material. The content of nickel in the chemical composition of 316L material can reach more than 12, so it has the best acid, alkali and corrosion resistance.  

Especially today, the stainless steel wedge mesh filter element is widely used in all kinds of mining, petroleum and chemical industry. In the production of this kind of production enterprises, there will be a lot of waste residue in the same production process. All this must be removed through the stainless steel wedge wire screen filter element.