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Application of all-welded Johnson well screen filter pipe in water supply pipe well


This paper introduces the new technology of all-welded Johnson well screen residual filter pipe and its application effect in water supply pipe well.

In the well completion process of the water supply pipe well, cast iron or steel perforated pipe has been used in many areas as the support framework of the wire-wrapped filter pipe process. According to the lithology characteristics of the aquifer, the number of mesh or brown skin is determined. The production process is complicated and the cost is high. After the well completion, it is often suspected that the mesh number of mesh is not up to the requirements or the washing is not complete due to the poor water yield, Some even become abandoned wells.

Bridge type filter pipe was once considered as a suitable filter pipe to replace cast iron or steel perforated and wound filter pipe. However, after use, it is found that the application effect is better in shallow dewatering wells, but the application effect is limited in deep water supply pipe wells due to thin wall, large deviation of perpendicularity, low compressive, and tensile strength, and poor water inflow performance during water pressure.

To seek a new, economical, and practical filter tube is the desire of hydrogeologists. All welded v wire screen filter pipe is the most ideal filter pipe for water supply pipe well at present. It has been used in our hospital with good effect and is worthy of promotion.

Application effect of all-welded Johnson wedge wire well screen filter tube

The design depth of a deep well constructed in a factory is, the aquifer of the well is buried in the deep, and the water-bearing rock is a fine sand layer. In this section of the aquifer, an all-welded wedge wire well pipe is designed and used, with the specification, wall thickness, length, mesh gap spacing, and filter sand as a filter layer.

The upper section, welded seamless steel pipe, specification, wall thickness, length, total weight up to about. After completion of the well, the piston is used to wash the well, and then the water and sand are cleaned. In order to confirm the effect of piston well flushing, an air compressor is used for well flushing inspection. Only when the machine is started, the water and sand can be cleaned. Then continue to stop pumping, water quality has been clear and transparent, measured well depth, no sediment in the well.

The well was completed by the new technology of all-welded Johnson well screen filter pipe. After construction, piston and air compressor were used to wash the well and shaft water. After long-term use, there is no deformation or fracture of the filter pipe, which indicates that the compressive and tensile strength of the filter pipe can meet the design requirements under near gravity, the water output is stable and normal, and the measured water quality is high-quality natural mineral water, which meets the water quality and quantity requirements put forward by the factory, and the well is rated as high-quality water supply pipe well.

The well-completion technology of steel perforated wire-wrapped well screen filter pipe has great risks in well-completion construction. The key to perplex and control the quality of the water supply well is to wrap the screen outside the filter tube and wash the well. The improper mesh number of the screen or the bad binding of the screen will cause damage of the screen. The insufficient time of washing the well will affect the water yield or sand run, which will cause the water quality and water quantity of the water supply well not to meet the design requirements, and even cause the waste well.

Since the adoption of an all-welded wedge-shaped mesh filter tube, no abandoned well has been drilled, the well completion quality has been greatly improved, the well completion rate has reached a high level, the construction period has been shortened, and the cost has been reduced.
The following examples show that the fine sand in the aquifer of Fengjing, with a thickness of, is put into a steel perforated wire wrapped screen filter tube with a length of, and the filter layer is made of natural filter material with a length of, and the well is washed by a piston for several shifts. The water yield of the fine sand is small, and sand particles are occasionally found in the water quality.

The aquifer of Chedun well is fine sand, which adopts fully welded vee wire water well screen filter tube, artificial quartz sand filter material as a filter layer, and piston washing is less than one shift, so its water yield and water quality can reach the level of water and sand cleaning.

It can be seen that the aquifer thickness of Fengjing is larger than that of the Chedun well, and the length of the filter pipe is longer. Under the condition that the net spacing, drawdown, and pumping equipment are basically the same, the effect of using a fully welded wedge mesh filter pipe is much better than that of using steel perforated wire-wrapped filter pipe.

The most important characteristic of an all-welded water well screen filter pipe is to reduce the screen wrapping process, which can reduce the cost, increase the porosity, save the well washing team, increase the water yield, improve the water quality, reduce the risk of well completion, improve the quality of well completion and increase the economic benefit.

Manufacture and structure of all-welded Johnson well screen filter tube the all-welded wedge net filter tube are composed of screen tube and joint. The screen cylinder structure is composed of a supporting beam, screen bar, stirrup, female and male threaded joint, or flat joint.

All welded wedge-shaped mesh filter tube is made by machine, and it is formed by grinding tools of different specifications at one time. The production process is that the screen cylinder is automatically wound by the supporting beam and the “shaped screen bar, and the resistance is used for automatic welding. The gap net distance is even and can be processed according to the required density.

The number and density of beams are different according to different specifications. Both ends of the joint can be welded with a variety of standard female, male thread joint or flat joint.

All welded Johnson well filter tube diameter and other specifications are optional.