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Application of manure after Dewatering


With the rapid development of the pig industry, manure pollution has become a major problem. According to relevant data, in some places, the pollution of pig manure to the environment has exceeded the total amount of industrial pollution, and some even as much as 2 times. We must pay attention to the pollution of pig manure. The problem can be solved by using a pig manure separator. Why can pig manure separator have such a great effect Introduce to you:

The biggest advantage of pig manure separator equipment
Pig manure dewatering equipment has the advantages of small volume, low rotation speed, simple operation, convenient installation and maintenance, low cost, high efficiency, quick return on investment, and no need to add any coagulator. It can separate livestock manure water into liquid organic fertilizer. Liquid organic fertilizer can be directly used for agricultural production, utilization, and absorption, and solid organic fertilizer can be transported to fertilizer deficient areas, The pig manure processor can also improve the soil structure. At the same time, the pig manure processor can be fermented to produce organic compound fertilizer.

Manure treatment of pig manure dehydration equipment

The pig excrement is separated into dry excrement and excrement water by the pig manure separator, and the dry excrement is used as raw material for producing organic compound fertilizer and fish feed respectively after fermentation treatment. The excrement water is treated in two parts, one part is discharged into the biogas digester for producing biogas, the other part is sent into the sedimentation tank for sedimentation disinfection, and the excrement water is used for cleaning the pig house after sedimentation disinfection treatment. Only the pig manure squeezing and drying equipment can do this.

Application of pig manure separator after manure treatment

  1. The dewatered animal excrement is almost odorless and sticky and can be used as fertilizer.
  2. The dehydrated and separated animal excrement is mixed with straw bran and then added with bacteria to ferment and granulate to produce compound organic fertilizer.
  3. At the same time, it can be made into pellet feed, which is a good feed for fish.
  4. Fertilization for flowers / special economic crops can transform the organic matter of the soil.
  5. Additional economic benefits can be obtained from the sale of organic fertilizers.

After ten days, the wastewater can be directly dehydrated into the biogas digester without odor.