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Application of wedge wire filter element in diatomite filter


The diatomite filter comprises a filter tank, which is characterized in that the filter plate of the diatomite filter of the filter tank is provided with an inlet and an outlet, the inlet and the outlet are provided with a liquid guide sleeve, the upper surface of each filter plate is provided with a negative pressure groove, the negative pressure groove is covered with a filter cloth, the inlet is connected with the cavity above the filter cloth, and the outlet is connected with the negative pressure groove below the filter cloth. Using this technology, diatomite is applied quickly The coating is stable, does not fall off, does not crack, has large filtering area and good filtering quality, and improves the production efficiency because of energy saving, labor saving and time saving.  

Diatomite filter is a filter for magnetization, solid reduction, adsorption, removal and ripening. The filtration principle and application method are basically the same as those of the three types of filters. Before adding the right diatomite to the wine, please strictly observe no forcive rotation, pour the liquor into the bottle before pouring, and then press the mixture of diatomite and Baijiu to the surface of the filter, then continue to clear the liquor and reduce the pressure.  

In the process of “residue liquid separation” of diatomite adsorption treatment, it will eventually “saturation failure”. At this time, most of the micropores of the filter are also blocked, so it is necessary to carry out backwash cleaning, flush out the “saturation failure” diatomite at the same time, and then use the air pump to properly pressurize and dry the filter.  

Scope of application: it is suitable for large and medium-sized wineries. It is also its own mechanical backwashing and washing. It is an integrated machine for magnetization, turbidity removal, antifreeze, solid reduction, softening, impurity removal and aging of wine. Combined with diatomite adsorption and filtration, it can better remove turbidity and precipitation of wine, excessive solids and low temperature turbidity, saving time and labor. The machine is simple to operate, fast to clean and does not need installation and commissioning.   

The filter round wedge wire filter element produced by bluslot attaches great importance to the use of diatomite filter, because if the filter surface is not round and smooth, diatomite is difficult to be coated evenly and firmly, and the outer layer scraper can not be scraped.