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Automatic filter can prevent secondary pollution when treating sewage


It is reported that the traditional water treatment process may cause secondary pollution after the treatment of sewage, so that the sewage resources can not be effectively treated. The appearance of automatic filter overcomes the shortcomings of traditional water treatment process. The water source treated by the automatic filter will not produce secondary pollution.

Automatic filter is a filter involved in pipeline transportation. The full-automatic filter is mainly composed of connecting pipe, cylinder, filter basket, flange, flange cover and fasteners. Installed on the pipeline can remove large solid impurities in the fluid, so that the machinery and equipment (including compressors, pumps, etc.) and instruments can work and operate normally, so as to stabilize the process and ensure safe production.

The water quality treated by the automatic filter meets the sewage discharge standard stipulated by the state, which effectively protects water resources. In addition, the water source treated by the automatic filter can be reused and recycled, effectively saving water resources.

The automatic filter has the advantages of stable effluent quality, low operation cost, small floor area and long service life. It is believed that under the effective treatment of its efficient water treatment equipment, sewage resources can be well treated.