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Automatic filter for medical wastewater treatment


Pharmaceutical industry is one of the fastest growing industries in China. However, with the acceleration of the pharmaceutical industry, the pollution of pharmaceutical wastewater to the environment and water resources is becoming more and more serious. How to effectively treat pharmaceutical wastewater has become the focus of attention. With the advent of automatic filter, its problem has been effectively solved.

The difficulty of pollution control in pharmaceutical industry lies in many kinds of products, fast renewal speed and complex production processes; The raw materials used are complicated, and a considerable part of the raw materials are toxic and harmful substances; The yield of process links is not high (generally only about 30%, sometimes even lower, often only a few tons, dozens of tons or even hundreds of tons of raw materials can produce a ton of finished products, resulting in a large amount of waste, and the waste composition is complex).

The composition of wastewater from pharmaceutical industry varies greatly, and the treatment difficulty is also different. Among them, synthetic, semi synthetic and fermentation pharmaceutical wastewater is difficult to treat due to its high concentration and difficult degradation. The high content of ammonia nitrogen and sulfate in some product wastewater has also become a difficulty in treatment.

The full-automatic filter is a precision equipment that uses the wedge wire filter screen to directly intercept the impurities in the water, remove the suspended solids and particles in the water, reduce the turbidity, purify the water quality and reduce the generation of system dirt, bacteria, algae and rust, so as to purify the water quality and protect the normal operation of other equipment in the system. The water enters the full-automatic filter body from the water inlet. Due to the intelligent (PLC, PAC) design, the system can automatically identify the degree of impurity deposition and signal the blowdown valve for automatic blowdown.

Under the effective treatment of automatic filter, medical wastewater has been effectively treated and reasonably utilized. Get people’s unanimous praise. At present, automatic filters are widely used in food, sugar, pharmaceutical, plastic, automobile and other fields.