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Automatic self-cleaning filter for papermaking water


The automatic wedge wire filter self-cleaning filter is a new type of filtering equipment. It can automatically remove the particulate impurities on the inner surface of the filter through mechanical scraping. It can continuously filter on-line. Compared with traditional filters, it has a high degree of automation and pressure. The loss is small, and there is no need to manually remove the filter residue.

The emergence of fully automatic self-cleaning filters makes papermaking water no problem.

As everyone knows, paper mills are big water users, and if the water discharged from paper mills is not treated properly, it will cause water pollution. It is conceivable that Nuovo’s paper mill has calculated how much water it will use and will discharge harmful water bodies. This figure is amazing when you think about it!

The emergence of automatic wedge wire screen self-cleaning filters will reduce this number to very small. In the production process of general paper mills, in order to solve the production cost, they will draw water from nearby, such as rivers and lakes.
Papermaking has requirements for water purity, which is not a problem for fully automatic self-cleaning filters.

The automatic self-cleaning filter can enter the inlet of the water source well into the filter body. The coarse filter screen will filter out the large debris in the water body, and then enter the fine filter screen for precision filtering. A clean water source that meets the needs of papermaking can be obtained.

The automatic filter itself is low in cost, easy to operate, and simple in working principle. It is an economic and effective optional product for similar enterprises.

The wedge wire screen of the automatic self-cleaning filter has many characteristics such as high precision, large area, and small system pressure loss area. It can fully filter the suspended particles in the water body and reduce the damage to the paper machine.

The automatic self-cleaning filter can not only effectively filter the water source in rivers and lakes, but also the sewage discharged after papermaking can be recycled and reused. This forms a virtuous circle.

The paper mill only needs to draw a certain amount of water, filter it through a fully automatic self-cleaning filter, and cyclically filter the discharged sewage not only to reduce the demand for water resources but also to protect water resources.

More importantly, it greatly improves the economic efficiency of the enterprise.