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Automatic self-cleaning filter for restaurant wastewater


I don’t know if you have found that in the city where we live, restaurants and restaurants outside close down and reopen every year. At present, China attaches great importance to environmental protection, and the treatment of restaurant wastewater has always been one of the environmental problems.
The discharge of restaurant wastewater in every city is huge even if it is calculated by day. A large amount of grease and residue in the wastewater are easy to adhere to the wall of the sewer pipe, which is bound to cause local sewer blockage and environmental pollution over time. If LvDa says that using the automatic self-cleaning filter can solve this problem, do you believe it?

Last month, bluslot’s business personnel went to a hotpot shop owner who once bought two of our fully automatic self-cleaning filters for an after-sales visit. Colleagues found that the original water intake or black foam and foul smell of dirty water, after the design of the purification process has become clean water.
Through such a sewage treatment line, oily restaurant sewage can be used to water flowers. What is the reason for this? In fact, this is the credit of the two fully automatic self-cleaning filters.

In fact, the whole process of restaurant wastewater treatment is not complicated. At the end of the week, the boss only needs to arrange for a waiter to go to the back of the hot pot shop and open a locked manhole cover on the ground to clean up the equipment.
As the store is relatively large, a full-automatic self-cleaning filter is installed at the outlet of the drainage channel on both sides of the kitchen door of the hot pot shop.
According to the attendant in charge of equipment management, the oily sewage discharged from the kitchen is filtered by the fully automatic self-cleaning filter, and the dirty oil and sediment are filtered out. The wastewater that has removed the oil will become reclaimed water, which is very good for watering flowers and flushing toilets.

In conclusion, the automatic self-cleaning filter can solve the problem of catering wastewater discharge completely, and make the catering wastewater reuse, thus greatly saving resources and improving our living environment.

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