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Beer Distiller’s Grains And Sorghum Distiller’s Grains


Beer lees are better, because beer lees are not real ones, the beer lees is the malt after the brewery maltification process.  It also contains a large amount of residual maltose energy, as well as a large number of vitamins and proteins. The nutritional content is excellent, which is precisely because of good nutrition, therefore, beer lees can not be stored in the open air for too long, or even more than a day will taste bad, so it is necessary to timely compact fermentation preservation.

Sorghum distiller’s grains are white distiller’s grains, with very low nutritional value and almost no energy. All energy is fermented and extracted by distilleries into alcohol, so what’s left is protein nutrition. The protein content is about 10-20%.

If a large number of husks are mixed, the nutrition is worse, and there are a large number of alcohol fermentation residues such as aldehydes, ketones and phenols, which are harmful to animals, therefore, it also needs to be treated. If it is not fermented, you can choose to be exposed to the sun, or add about 4% of quicklime for neutralization and then add it.

If the fermentation process is selected for treatment, the following can be referred to. The two kinds of distillers’ grains can be mixed for fermentation to utilize the energy in the distillers’ grains for fermentation:

500 kg of brewer’s grains, 450 kg of sorghum distiller’s grains, 50 kg of corn flour (or dry potato flour, or rice flour, or sorghum flour, or inferior wheat flour) and 5 kg of distiller’s grains fermentation agent were added to adjust the water content to about 60%.

The hand is pinched into a ball, and there is water printed from the fingers or trickled out as a degree, which can not flow out as a line, and then press firmly.

Note that it is better to compact layer by layer, 30 cm higher than the opening of fermentation tank, cover with plastic, and then cover with straw, at the same time, prevent rainwater from entering and carry out fermentation treatment. The fermentation time is more than 5 days in winter and 1-3 days in summer.

The crude protein of the fermented material is about 18%, the energy is about 2.2 megacalories / kg. When preparing the diet, pay attention to the combination of energy feed for pigs.

At the beginning of 20kg, 10% fermentation material can be used for trial feeding, and the other 90% is full price feed. After observing its adaptability, the dosage can be increased slowly as follows:

20-60kg stage: corn flour (or dry potato flour) 45%, fermentation mixture 25%, wheat bran or rice bran 10%, concentrated feed 20%.

More than 60 kg stage: corn flour (or dry potato flour) 45%, fermentation mixture 35%, concentrated feed 20%.

No matter what kind of distiller’s grains, they need to be processed after dehydration. At present, we provide Johnson screen products for dehydration equipment for distilleries and feed factories, Wedge wire screen filter and rotary drum screen.