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Beer filter screen ¢ 800 × one thousand and six hundred


Recently, our company signed a batch of wedge wire screen contracts with a beer equipment company, with an outer diameter of 800mm and a length of 1600mm. The screen is used in beer filtering equipment. It is a metal mesh structural element for screening and filtering. It has high strength and bearing capacity and can be made into rigid screening and filtering devices of various shapes.Application scope: it is used in beer, petroleum, chemical industry, pharmacy, water treatment, food, light industry, papermaking and other industries.  

Product features  

  • The V-shaped wire screen strip forms a wedge-shaped gap, which is not easy to block.
  • High precision screen seam, automatic welding to ensure the accuracy of screen seam.
  • Easy to clean, the surface can be removed by scraper back blowing.
  • Small pressure loss and high mechanical performance. 
  • Long service life and low maintenance cost.

Material: 304304L, 321316l, 2205904l, Hastelloy, etc. 

Remarks: the wedge wire filter screen produced by bluslot has a small precision of 10 microns, a small diameter of 20 mm, a large diameter of 1500 mm and a length of 3000 mm. It can be customized according to customer requirements.