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Candle Filter Element for Residue Hydrotreating Unit


Bluslot has just customized a wedge wire screen candle filter element for a 2.6 million T/a slurry bed residue hydrogenation unit in China.

This unit can efficiently convert heavy and inferior crude oil into clean oil. The designed light oil conversion rate of the unit is as high as 94%. It has obvious technical advantages of strong conversion capacity and high light oil yield. It can better adapt to the change of raw material properties and realize the production of “best quality products” by using “the worst residue”.

The 2.6 million T / a slurry bed residue hydrotreating unit uses inferior vacuum residue and FCC slurry as raw materials to produce LPG, chemical raw materials, heavy naphtha, diesel oil and vacuum gas oil through hydrothermal cracking reaction.
The designed light oil conversion rate of the unit is as high as 94%, which can convert low value-added products such as asphalt and coke into high value-added clean oil products such as gasoline, coal and firewood. The light oil yield of the whole plant is greatly improved, and the maximum utilization of oil resource value is realized.

The supporting facilities include 1.5 million tons / year of young oil combined hydrogenation, 150000 tons/year of sulfur recovery, 200 tons / hour of sour water stripping, etc., and the wedge wire screen filtration device of bluslot brand, which can better meet the needs of waste gas and wastewater treatment of the whole plant while improving the quality of oil products. After the implementation, the annual emissions of SO2 and VOCs can be reduced, the plant environment can be further improved, and the production process can be more environmentally friendly, The social benefits are obvious.

After the operation of the filter unit, the heavy oil clean processing route of “slurry bed residue hydrogenation + moderate coking” with its own characteristics has been formed, and a new journey of transformation and upgrading and high-quality development has been started.