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Carbide drill


In the process of drilling, attention should be paid to the condition of the drilling rig and the high-efficiency spiral drill pipe. Such as sticking, sudden death, and so on. Stop drilling immediately or drill slowly after drilling back to ensure that the high-efficiency spiral drill pipe does not bend flat.

When the high-efficiency spiral drill pipe is ventilated or watered, it should be determined that the high-efficiency spiral drill pipe is closely connected during drilling. When the high-efficiency spiral drill pipe has sealed, such as O-ring, it is necessary to pay attention to the use of the seals. In case of damage, corrosion, and other phenomena, it is necessary to replace the seals in time. After drilling, the seal shall be maintained and cleaned. When drilling, the high-efficiency spiral drill pipe should be tightened gently by hand to ensure close fit (thread type).

It is not allowed to drill directly to prevent damage to the high-efficiency spiral drill pipe. If the curvature of the high-efficiency spiral drill pipe exceeds the standard requirements or the thread is damaged after use, which causes in constant operation, it shall be scrapped or returned to the factory for repair in time. According to the standard requirements, the drilling depth of high-efficiency spiral drill pipe should be ensured, and the relevant requirements of geological drilling should be met, so as to prevent the high-efficiency spiral drill pipe from reaching the service limit of high-efficiency spiral drill pipe due to the drilling depth.

The diamond cutting edge is used in the diamond material drilling tool is a diamond bit. The main advantage of the diamond bit is that it can adapt to the stratum with high grinding and hard geology, and the cutting performance is also better. In the high-speed drilling, side has a very significant advantage.

According to the different strata, diamond bits can be divided into ordinary diamond bits and PDC bits. Among these two types, ordinary diamond bits are suitable for formations with high abrasiveness, hard geology, and complex geology; PDC bit can be widely used in hard formation, soft formation, and moderately hard and soft formation.

The main difference between the two kinds of diamond bits lies in the difference in blades. This condition is referred to as normal failure. Too fast wear of pick head leads to alloy head falling off. Because the wear resistance of the gear body of the wrapped alloy head is much lower than that of the alloy head, the alloy head will lose the clamping force and fall off in the process of using the alloy head. Only relying on the gear body, the alloy head will wear rapidly, and the resistance will increase, which will affect the work efficiency.

Secondly, if the quality of the alloy head is poor in use or the heat treatment process is unreasonable in the production process, the alloy head will be subjected to multiple chilling during heat treatment, resulting in internal microcracks. When subjected to a large external force, it will break and make the pick fail. This is called fragmentation in use. Due to the unreasonable structure size, rigidity, and arrangement of the pick, the tooth body will be bent or broken when it is subjected to a great external force.

This is called bending or breaking of the tooth body. The above points are several aspects of pick consumption, I hope to have some help from my friends in coal mine work. We can choose the right pick for ourselves through the above aspects.

The PDC bit consists of four parts: PDC, nozzle, matrix, and bit body; There are four parts in a common diamond bit, namely, diamond particle, nozzle, matrix, and the bit body.

因Because the cutting performance of diamond bit is better, when the diamond bit is selected as a coal drilling tool, it can not only drill at high speed but also expand the drilling depth to a certain extent. Connect the lowering button of the lifting propulsion mechanism and lower the drilling tool. When the drill bit touches the rock, the impactor starts to work and open the hole.

In case of sticking or deviation, lift the drilling tool immediately; Repeat the above procedure until the impactor starts normal drilling. According to the rock condition. Open all the control valves of the impactor or pull them to a proper opening. Stop drilling, turn the master switch to automatic, push the handle of the pressure control valve to pressure regulating, and carry out pressure regulating drilling. If the rock is soft or broken, yellow mud should be put into the hole to protect the wall.

During normal drilling, attention shall be paid to that all motors shall have no abnormal noise and normal temperature rise. The middle gear meshes normally and there is no noise during operation. Adjust the shaft pressure of the drilling tool at any time according to the rock condition at the bottom of the hole and reading of the ammeter. Avoid overload of the rotary machine. When the current exceeds the rated value, the drilling tool shall be put forward immediately. After the inspection and treatment are normal, the operation can be continued. When the sliding frame swings seriously, the axial pressure should be reduced. When the air pressure is less than 4 kg / cm2, drilling shall be stopped.

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