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Dsm Screen for Coal Preparation In A Coal Preparation Plant

Abstract The utility model relates to a sieve bend screen, in particular to a Dsm screen for coal preparation in a coal preparation plant. The two ends of the wedge wire and the screen strip are arc-shaped, and the support direction of the screen strip and the screen strip is arc-shaped. With this setting, the…
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Engineering design of reverse osmosis used in coal chemical industry reuse water treatment

The main water source of the reuse water treatment unit in a coal chemical plant is the effluent from the sewage treatment unit, the sewage from the circulating water field and the sewage from the desalted water station, the combined treatment process of homogenization tank, high efficiency clarifier, multi-media filter, ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis is…
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The Usage and Notice of Pam Flocculant For Coal Washing Plant

Usage and dosage of polyacrylamide for coal washing plant: 12-18 million of anionic polyacrylamide, 14 million of non-ionic, 10-ion and 30-ion plating were used. Coal washing plant with polyacrylamide, also known as special agent for coal washing, settling agent. The molecular weight ranges from 8 million to 18 million. In order to make slime water…
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Wedge Wire Basket

Wedge wire screen basket & strainer for dewatering, separation and collection. Wedge wire screen deep-processing products, V-shaped wire structure, are widely used in centrifuges, reactors and various industrial filters. Steel grade: Stainless steel 304, 316, 316L. 904. UNS S32750. Profile wire (width): 0.75×1.5, 1×2, 1.5×2, 2×3, 2×4, 3×5 or as your need. Slot size: 0.02…
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Johnson Vibratory Screen For Jigging Machine

Johnson vibratory screen With high strength, good rigidity and strong bearing capacity, it can be made into rigid screening and filtering devices of various shapes. Our factory has the most sophisticated Johnson screen processing equipment and testing system. The processing accuracy of the vee wire can be up to ±0.05mm, the opening accuracy of the stainless…
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Sieve Bend Screen Project Case

On November 3, 2019, our technical team visited a coal washing plant in Shanxi Province, China, On November 3, 2019, our technical team visited a coal washing plant in Shanxi Province, China, and successfully installed our specially designed sieve bend screen (DSM screen) products in their coarse slime washing system. They sent feedback today: After…
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Wastewater Treatment Of Coal Chemical Industry

Johnson Screen For Coal Chemical Industry At present, the development of coal chemical industry mainly includes three industrial chains: coal coking, coal gasification and coal liquefaction. According to this, coal chemical industry wastewater can be divided into three categories: coking wastewater, coal gasification wastewater and coal liquefaction wastewater. Pretreatment biochemical treatment advanced treatment high salt…
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Coal Washing Wastewater Treatment Process

Coal washing wastewater contains a lot of suspended solids, slime and silt, so it is also called slime water. The concentration of suspended solids in untreated slime water can reach more than 5000mg / L. Due to the hydrophobicity of coal itself, some micro pulverized coal in the coal washing wastewater is particularly stable in…
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Johnson Dewatering Screen In Slime Washing

Johnson dewatering screen is an important component of slime washing in coal preparation plant. It is mainly used for dewatering, desliming and demineralization of slime, so as to improve the quality of clean coal and improve the economic benefits of customers. improve the quality of coal and reduce the emission of coal-fired pollutants Coal washing…
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