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Filter element for Colorant

Bluslot customized filter element specially used in Colorant. Colorant, also known as food pigment, is a substance whose main purpose is to color food, endow food with color and improve food color. At present, there are more than 60 kinds of food colorants commonly used in the world, and 46 kinds are allowed to be…
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Filter element for Jam

Bluslot customized filter element specially used in Jam. Jam is a mixture of fruit, sugar and acidity regulator, which is made from over 100 degrees Celsius, also called fruit jam.

Filter element for Food colorant

Bluslot customized filter element specially used in Food colorant. Food colorant is an additive with the main purpose of coloring food, which makes food have pleasant color. It is of great significance to increase food hobby and stimulate appetite.

Corn Soaking Tank Screen

V Wire Screen for Corn Soaking Tank – ManufacturerWe customized Johnson screen (wedge wire filter) products for corn soaking tank, advanced welding technology, patented surface treatment technology. Starch is the basic raw material of food industry, and corn wet grinding is the most commonly used technology to process starch from corn.Corn soaking process is one…
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Starch Screen

Raw materials for starch production: Potato, corn, wheat, cassava. With different raw materials, the starch production process will be different, and our technical team will customize the appropriate starch screen according to different production processes and requirements. Our starch screens can effectively improve the efficiency of the starch production process. Material: Stainless steel 304, 316,…
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