Category: Mechanical Internal Filter Element


Centrifugal Wedge Wire Mesh Filter Element for Grinder

This product is a centrifugal wedge wire screen for a grinding machine developed by Bluslot. The wedge wire screen filtration products used in the water treatment industry are relatively complete, but the filtering equipment used in the field of machine tool cutting fluid (oil) treatment is relatively simple, with low automation and filtration efficiency. Moreover, there…
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Wedge Wire Filter for Magnetic Oxide Coating

Bluslot customized wedge wire screen filter element is used in the filtration process of magnetic oxide coating (magnetic paint, magnetic slurry) production process. Magnetic coating is an important semi-finished product of magnetic recording materials. The preparation of magnetic slurry requires high content of magnetic powder, good dispersion, no agglomeration, no agglomeration, no settlement, no decomposition, good leveling, and…
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Filter Screen For Paint Grinding Machine

We produce various specifications of wedge wire screen filter for paint grinding machine. Paint grinding machine mainly includes three roller grinders, a horizontal grinder, a vertical grinder, and a basket grinder. These coating grinders are also used for grinding and manufacturing medium and high viscosity liquid raw materials such as paints, inks, pigments, and resins.…
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Parabolic Screen

Parabolic Screen Parabolic Wedge Wire Screen Related products: Coanda Screen. Parabolic screen is also called sidehill screen and run down screen, it uses Coanda effect to remove impurities in materials at low cost. It is a static dewatering screen widely used in the water treatment industry. Wedge wire screen with bending angle has better solid-liquid…
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Screen For Wheat Scourer

Johnson Screen / Wedge Wire Screen For Wheat Scourer / Grain Milling We Provide Customized Service of Screen – Johnson Screen | Wedge Wire Screen The wedge wire screen of our wheat scourer (wheat threshing machine) is welded with wedge wire and stainless steel bar. High strength, tough and wear-resistant, good wheat effect. Its performance…
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Johnson Screen Filter For Sodium hypochlorite plant

The system of sodium hypochlorite generator for electrolysis seawater consists of automatic flushing seawater filter, seawater booster pump, seawater desander, sodium hypochlorite generator, sodium hypochlorite storage tank, dosing pump, pickling equipment, rectifier transformer, rectifier cabinet, control cabinet and power cabinet. Johnson screen (wedge wire) filter element is widely used in the production of sodium hypochlorite from…
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Manganese Sand Tank Filter and Wedge Wire Filter Element

We provide the filter element in the manganese sand tank (filter) – Wedge Wire Filter  Due to the erosion of carbonic acid, the influence of organic matter on iron and the reduction of trivalent iron oxide, a lot of iron in the earth’s crust will enter into groundwater. According to the health standard of drinking water in…
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Johnson Slotted Screen For Bead Mill

Sand/bead mill machine is widely used in coating, dyestuff, ink, pesticide, tape, papermaking, leather chemical industry and other industries. It has the advantages of simple structure, stable starting, stepless speed regulation of feeding, high continuous production efficiency, convenient color change, easy cleaning and simple operation. The working principle of the sand mill is the liquid-solid mixture…
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