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Category: Petrochemical Industry Filtration


High-efficiency spiral drill pipe

Introduction of high-efficiency spiral drill pipe The drill pipe body is made of high-pressure seamless alloy steel pipe, and the spiral blade is made of a high wear-resistant T-shaped steel belt by prestressed winding and welding. The drill pipe joint is made of high-quality medium carbon alloy steel, vacuum quenched and tempered, and high pressure…
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Successful application of titanium alloy drill pipe independently developed by China

China’s independently developed high-strength titanium alloy drill pipe has successfully completed the drilling of 7100m ultra deep wells in Western oilfields, marking another major progress in the research and development of oil and gas well tubing in the field of deep and ultra deep wells in China, which will effectively improve the drilling efficiency and…
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How to select drill pipe

Some friends often ask me about the collocation of drill pipe and drilling rig, or the use of drill pipe, but few people ask how to choose a good drill pipe. This is because the general public in the purchase, will choose at will in the low price goods, so in the actual use is…
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Development of multifunctional drill pipe screen

The multi-function protective drill pipe screen is based on the ordinary Kelly protection drill pipe screen, which has two functions, namely, the splash-proof drilling fluid function and the drill pipe screen function. Compared with the drill pipe screen with similar functions, the multi-functional protection drill pipe screen has the advantages of simple process and low…
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Problems and improvement of traditional drill pipe screen

In the process of directional drilling, the drill pipe screen is an essential filter as a filter device.Usually, in order to prevent the bottom of the drilling tool or the water hole of the drill bit from clogging, the drill pipe screen can be suspended at the internal thread of the first drill pipe at…
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Principle and application field of the precision filter in the petrochemical industry

Wedge wire precision filter, also known as filter element type filter and security filter, is composed of two parts: filter and wedge net filter element, which can be single-core or multi-core. The specific filter element material and specification are selected according to the actual situation of customers; the production process can be mirror polishing or…
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Nuclear Power Filtration Separation Grid

Nuclear wedge wire grid (screen) is used in hydrogenation reactor, desulfurization reactor, molecular sieve, gas desulfurization reactor and other absorption systems. The utility model comprises a ring-shaped coaming, which is surrounded by a cylindrical filtering space, and a filtering grid is arranged at the bottom of the filtering space. The wedge wire screen grid is…
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Filter Element For Fluid Catalytic Cracking Slurry Oil Filtration

We produce stainless steel Johnson screen filter element (wedge wire screen filter) for FCC filtration system. Catalytic cracking is one of the most important processes for lightening heavy oil. Generally, the amount of slurried oil slurry outside the catalytic cracking unit of an oil refinery plant accounts for about 5% of the amount of raw…
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Johnson Screen Filter Element For Hydrogenation Unit

Johnson Screen Filter (Wedge Wire Filter) For Hydrogenation Unit At present, the world’s crude oil tends to be inferior and heavy, but the market demand for light oil such as gasoline, diesel oil and kerosene is increasing substantially, and major refining enterprises are pursuing the maximum conversion of residual oil. Therefore, hydrotreating process is becoming more…
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