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Category: Pump Protection


Filter element for water circulating pump

Bluslot customized wedge wire screen filter element specially used in water circulating pump. The circulating water pump is set at the heat station (heat Center), heat source or cold source, etc. In the closed loop of the heating system or air conditioning water system, the circulating water pump does not lift the water to a high place,…
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Application of pipeline filter in liquid pump

Many industrial enterprises use gear pump to transport liquid, and install valves before and after the pump to control the flow of the pump. The disadvantage of this method is that the impurities such as iron filings and silt mixed in the liquid are easily sucked into the pump together with the liquid, and the…
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Wedge Wire Pump Suction Filter Screen

The wedge wire pump suction filter screen is the protection accessories above the feedwater pump. Its function is to filter the Cordyceps and impurities in the water source to ensure the normal operation of the feed pump and the purity of the water source. When the water pump is working, a Johnson wedge wire screen basket should…
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