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Category: Seawater Filtration and Desalination


Advanced treatment process of smelting flue gas acid-making wastewater

The existing industrial wastewater treatment technologies include chemical method, redox method, extraction method, ion exchange method, adsorption method, membrane separation method, etc. Pollutant Discharge Standard” requirements, but the total hardness of the effluent is 3~5g/L, the mass concentration of chloride ions is 500~7000mg/L, and the TDS is 6~8g/L. Also contains a certain concentration of iron,…
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Characteristics of seawater desalination pretreatment filter

Seawater cannot be used directly because of its high salt content. At present, two methods are mainly used to desalinate seawater, namely distillation and reverse osmosis. Distillation method is mainly used in super large seawater desalination treatment and places rich in heat energy. Reverse osmosis membrane method is widely used because of its wide application…
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