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Category: Solid Waste Treatment


Catering Wastewater Degreasing And Slag Removal Equipment Screen

The utility model relates to a screen for degreasing and slag removal equipment for treating catering wastewater.The meal waste and meal oil in the wastewater can be effectively removed by the residue removal structure and the oil removal structure, and the meal waste and meal oil can be directly discharged.The impact on the sewage pipeline…
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Dewatering Technology and Equipment of Oily Sludge

Abstract: Oil sludge treatment is an important topic in the field of organic solvent contaminated soil remediation. Dewatering is the key technology in sludge treatment, which has a great influence on the operation volume and cost of removal. In this paper, the results of dehydration research are summarized from three aspects of agent, process and…
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Soil pollution caused by untreated animal manure

Chicken manure is the highest nutritional value of all conventional livestock manure,Because the digestive system of chicken is relatively short, the food and feed consumed are generally less (the absorption rate is about one third), the remaining two-thirds are excreted through feces. According to the test data, the content of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, organic matter,…
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Technology | Several Common Hazardous Waste Treatment Methods

Hazardous waste is produced in the production process of the enterprise, so what are the methods for hazardous waste treatment? The following are the main ways. (1) After the waste liquid is heated by oil-water, hydrocarbon water mixture or emulsion, it will be settled by settling tank, and the upper oil layer will be separated…
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Screw Press Screen

Bluslot™ produce and design wedge wire Screw Press Screen (Screw Press Basket) for manure separators (solid-liquid separator/screw press separator) of various specifications, mainly used in dehydration equipment such as Poultry&Livestock farms, vegetables, wastewater treatment and so on. Wedge wire screen, also known as Johnson screen, slotted screen, and wire wrapped screen, which has a special V-shaped…
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