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Advantages of stainless steel wedge wire screen tube in petroleum application

Stainless steel wedge wire oill well screen tube is a kind of oil screen tube used in various oil wells, vertical wells, side drilling, horizontal wells, water wells, steam drive production wells on land and sea. Its production materials include various specifications of stainless steel t-wire. The following describes the characteristics of stainless steel wedge wire screen…
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Direct current drill pipe screen

In order to prevent the large-diameter cuttings or sand particles in the drilling fluid from blocking the water hole of the bit and causing unnecessary tripping in the drilling process, it is necessary to use the drill pipe screen.In the process of using the current drill pipe screen, large sand particles are filtered, but some…
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Application of all-welded Johnson well screen filter pipe in water supply pipe well

This paper introduces the new technology of all-welded Johnson well screen residual filter pipe and its application effect in water supply pipe well. In the well completion process of the water supply pipe well, cast iron or steel perforated pipe has been used in many areas as the support framework of the wire-wrapped filter pipe…
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Injection well mining

Design of injection well In order to prevent serious water and soil loss in the process of excavation, a 200 mm diameter reinjection well is set around the foundation pit. The injection well is set between the foundation pit and the building, and the north side is set within the enclosure. The distance between the…
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Disposal Well Screen

Johnson Well Screen Manufacturer What issues need attention in disposal well? Disposal well is a relatively technical one. For reinjection well, it will be affected by the environment by separating pumping well from reinjection well. The well completion design process, construction method and layout are adopted for the reinjection well. The difference between the well…
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Air Conditioning Well Screen

The air conditioning well is a part of the central air conditioning system, which is mainly set to undertake the traffic of the vertical air duct of the air conditioning and send the air conditioning air to the designated position through the vertical air duct.In order to exchange heat with water, the air conditioning well…
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Geothermal Well Screen

Geothermal resources are an important renewable resource, effectively extracting the geothermal resources we need from the ground is the main subject of geothermal workers’ research.I am honored that our Johnson screen (wedge wire screen) water well screen products have been efficiently applied in geothermal well mining projects. Geothermal Well Water Well Screen Pipe Type Commonly…
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Monitoring Well Screen

Johnson screen product manufacture. Monitoring well refers to the special well completed by drilling to monitor the change of groundwater level, water temperature and water quality. The construction method is similar to that of conventional water wells. After completion of the well, monitoring instruments are placed in the well, and water samples are regularly taken…
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Prepacked Screen

Due to the comprehensive factors such as oil, water and gas well production and operation, the formation near the bottom is destroyed, which causes the exfoliated formation sand to enter the well pipe with the formation fluid, which adversely affects oil and gas production. Best solutions – Prepacked Screen. We have accumulated many years of…
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Deep Well Screen and Shallow Well Screen

Johnson Deep Well Screen and Johnson Shallow Well Screen Supplier Deep water wells are wells that obtain deep groundwater. They are mainly used to obtain deep groundwater (ie, water below 20 meters below ground). In shallow water wells, the water source is mainly shallow groundwater, and the water quality of the water source is more…
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Water Well Screen For Dewatering Wells

We provide Johnson screen product customization service. Dewatering well (precipitation wells) are small wells that clear water in mine tunnels or mining sites.  Generally, during the mining process, there is an underground tunnel drainage system that can be used, so that the water in the stope or tunnel is introduced into the precipitation wells at a certain…
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Groundwater Types

According to the different buried conditions, groundwater can be divided into three categories: upper stagnant water, phreatic water and confined water. The upper stagnant water is a kind of water storage body formed by local water isolation, which makes the infiltration of atmospheric precipitation stay in the shallow rock cracks or sedimentary layers. Phreatic water…
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