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Catering Wastewater Degreasing And Slag Removal Equipment Screen


The utility model relates to a screen for degreasing and slag removal equipment for treating catering wastewater.
The meal waste and meal oil in the wastewater can be effectively removed by the residue removal structure and the oil removal structure, and the meal waste and meal oil can be directly discharged.
The impact on the sewage pipeline is effectively avoided, and automatic control is adopted to realize the efficient treatment of catering wastewater and improve the discharge efficiency.

Why Use This Wedge Wire Screen?

Wastewater contains a lot of greases and a lot of meal waste, such as vegetable leaves, bottle caps, plastic bags, and smaller rice grains.

Before processing the grease, the meal residues in the sewage need to be removed first, otherwise, the meal residues will enter the grease trap and will be enriched and precipitated in the cavity of the grease trap.
It not only increases the cleaning frequency of the oil separator but also seriously affects the oil separation effect of the equipment.

After the meal residues are removed as efficiently as possible, consideration should be given to how to efficiently separate oil and water and automatically discharge the system.
Otherwise, these grease meal residues will accumulate on the inner wall of the sewer for a long time, which will gradually reduce the inner diameter of the sewer or even block it, which will greatly reduce the drainage capacity and service life of the drainage pipe.
Therefore, before the oily sewage from the catering industry is discharged into the municipal pipeline network, the oil and water must be separated, so as to avoid damage to the sewer pipeline and impact on the operation of the downstream sewage treatment plant.
The slag removal of the existing traditional oil-water separator screen is the first-level mechanical interception and coarse filtration, and there is no function of automatic slag removal and backwashing to restore the flux of the grid frame.
The sidewalls of the grid frame need to be cleaned manually, which has the defects of unsafe operation and incomplete use functions.
The traditional oil-water separator is not equipped with an automatic filter basket and automatic oil-water separation d

an oil scraper or set a valve
There are also more inefficient manual oil skimming, which has the problems of low precision and poor efficiency as a whole, limited treatment effect, and high level of participation of operation and maintenance personnel.

There are more inefficient manual oil skimming, overall there are problems of low precision, poor efficiency, limited processing effect, and the defects of requiring a high degree of participation of operation and maintenance personnel, poor sanitation, and strong smell on the operation site.

The wedge wire filter element is used for degreasing and slag removal equipment and a control system for the treatment of catering wastewater.