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Centrifuge Screen Basket


Centrifuge Screen Basket

Johnson Screen for Centrifuge

Centrifuge basket is mainly used in centrifuge dewatering, is the key part of centrifuge dewatering equipment.
The centrifuge basket is connected with the main machine with bolts through the holes on the upper flange or the lower flange.

Material: Stainless steel 304, 316, 316L.

Johnson Vee-Wire Profiles: Customized according to the customer’s requirements, please refer to the wedge wire number table for specific specifications: Wedge Wire Screen.
Slot size: 0.3 – 1mm (Customizable)
Applications: widely used in mining, coal, petroleum, metallurgy, fertilizer, grain, chemical industry, food industry, starch processing, sugar processing, wastewater management, sludge dewatering, stone and quarry industry.

The Advantage Of Our Centrifuge Basket

Wear Resistance – Corrosion Resistance – Stable Separation Accuracy – Long Service Life

The material to be dewatering is applied on the screen surface of the centrifuge basket, with great friction.

The traditional screen basket wear is mainly the wear of wedge wire.

After the wear, the screen gap between two adjacent wedge wires increases, reduces the separation accuracy of the centrifuge basket, Shorten its use cycle and frequent replacement, which not only increases production costs but also increases the labor intensity of workers.

We have accumulated many years of production experience. In 2016, our technical team developed a more advanced production process, And the use of non-magnetic wear-resistant stainless steel as the raw material, perfectly solves this problem.

The screen slot of our centrifuge basket changes slowly during use, it ensures the separation accuracy of materials, prolongs the service life, reduces the cost of maintenance and replacement, and reduces the labor intensity of workers.

Our technical team will give you professional advice and design scheme before you buy it.

The influence of the gap between scraper rotor and coal centrifuge basket

The gap between the centrifuge basket and the scraper rotor has a great influence on the work of the centrifuge.

  1. The smaller the gap, the less coal stays on the sieve surface, the lighter the load on the centrifuge, and the smaller the phenomenon of the screen gap being blocked.

In this way, it is conducive to dehydration, and at the same time, it reduces friction resistance and reduces the wear of the centrifuge basket by coal flow.

  1. If the gap is too large, a layer of coal will adhere to the screen surface,the dehydrated coal flow can only slide along the coal seam.
    This increases the resistance to movement. Under the same treatment capacity, the load of centrifuge increases, the power consumption is large, and the phenomenon of coal particle crushing is serious.

Because the coal seam is adhered to the screen surface, the resistance of water flow through is also great, which not only affects the dewatering effect, but also increases the abrasion speed of scraper and centrifuge basket, according to the design requirements, the fit clearance between scraper and screen basket shall be 2 ± 1mm.

If the clearance is increased due to wear, adjust it. Increase the gasket on the spindle flange to raise or lower the scraper rotor.

Based on the above analysis, it can be concluded that the technical parameters of the centrifuge basket are selected according to the requirements of the separation process and the principle of economy.

Reduce the handling capacity of the centrifuge as much as possible, and avoid reducing the service life of the centrifuge basket when the centrifuge is always in the process of full load production。

In addition, the clearance between the screen basket and the scraper shall be detected in time.

Ensure that the clearance between the centrifuge basket and scraper is within the designed clearance (3mm), which can effectively guarantee the service life of the centrifuge basket.