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Common difficulties in paint filtration


  • Shrinkage: coating defect caused by lubricating oil (silicone). Due to the production process, silicone is often attached to the filter and filter elements, so when selecting the supplier, there must be no silicone requirements for the filter system.
  • Too much filter element and paint: contaminated, too precise filter element, and/or too low. The filtration area will lead to premature plugging, which leads to an excessive amount of filter elements and waste of paint.
  • Spots and uneven surface: the penetration of particles through the filter element will lead to these spraying surface defects, which are often caused by poor sealing, deformation of the filter medium, or excessive pore size.
  • Spraying, splashing, uneven coating, nozzle blockage, etc.: the blockage of the nozzle due to the penetration of particles through the filter element, which leads to such phenomenon.
  • Uneven coating or insufficient coating: the filter element is blocked, resulting in insufficient coating or insufficient pressure to make the nozzle operate effectively.
  • Mixed coating: it is caused by imperfect system cleaning when different color coatings are switched.

To sum up, the wedge wire screen filter element is the best choice, its advantages are not easy to block, all-welded structure, large flow area, can be backwash reuse, pressure reduction.

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