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Condensing filtration and non condensing filtration


Recently, many friends mentioned that when many wineries produce new products, they generally emphasize that their products are non condensing filtration. Such whisky is also more popular in the market.

Today, let’s talk about the benefits of non condensing filtration.

What is condensation filtration?

Condensation filtration is to condense the esters originally dissolved in alcohol by cooling, and then filter and remove them.

Why condensation filtration?

There are many long-chain esters in whisky. If the accuracy of whisky is lower than 46% abv, or the temperature drops, these substances will condense and present a turbid cloud, which is not beautiful, and it is easy to arouse doubts about the quality of whisky.

In order to avoid turbidity when consumers drink with water or ice, many wineries will carry out condensation filtration.

Why is non condensing filtration more popular?

It is generally believed in the industry that the condensed filtered whisky will lose some flavor. Non condensing filtration can retain the original flavor of whisky to the greatest extent.

How to distinguish between condensing filtration and non condensing filtration?

Generally speaking, the wine with non condensing filtration will be marked on the wine label, but it is not absolute.

A simple way to distinguish is to look at the alcohol level. Generally speaking, non condensing liquor is 46% higher than abv, especially if it is higher than abv.

You can also add water or ice, and then shake the glass. If the wine is obviously cloudy, it is generally non condensing whisky.

Well, this issue’s knowledge about condensing filtration and non condensing filtration is shared here. We look forward to your attention!