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Cone Mill Screen for Pharmaceutical Granulator


Cone mill screen is also called conical sieve and pharmaceutical granulator screen, it is the core accessory of the pharmaceutical granulator.

This product is widely used in pharmaceutical, food and chemical applications.
According to the capacity requirements of the machine, Bluslot can customize products of various specifications, aperture and layout specifications.

  • Brand: BLUslot.
  • Material: Stainless steel 304, 316, 316L.
  • Type: Perforated metal.
  • Aperture: 0.1 mm-3 mm.

The models that Bluslot screen can be applied to:

  • Wet granulation granulator
  • High-speed granulator
  • Continuous granulator
  • Fluidized bed granulator
  • Dry granulator
  • Laboratory granulator
  • Vibrating granulator
  • High-shear granulator
  • Mixer Granulator
  • Tabletop laboratory cone mill
  • Under driven cone mill
  • Comminuting cone mill
  • Sanitary cone mill
  • Multi Mill
  • Oscillating Granulator
  • Sifter cum multi Mill

In order to cooperate with the pharmaceutical finishing machine to produce different products, bluslot has developed a variety of specifications of screen, which can be completed by replacing the screen, which is the most cost-effective solution.

Cone mill screen with different types of holes

  • Round Hole
    The most commonly used hole type.
    Diameter: 0.5mm – 3mm.
  • Grater Hole
    Composed of raised holes, it is widely used in the food industry, such as processing candies, hard seeds, etc.
  • Consider Hole
    It is composed of thin plates with triangular or semi elliptical convex holes.
  • Square Hole
    The best choice to remove lumps and wet lumps.
    Size: 3×3 – 10×10.
  • Slotted Hole


  • High-quality raw materials.
  • High welding strength and long service life.
  • Patented surface treatment technology, not easy to corrode.
  • The particles are uniform and there are few fine particles.
  • Avoid screen wear and metal contamination.
  • The screen area is large and the work efficiency is high.
  • In the pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical grade 316 material can be used, which is more hygienic and easy to clean.
  • It is easy to replace and requires no maintenance.

If you want to produce high-quality products, the target particle size is crucial.

Especially in the pharmaceutical industry, the target particle size affects factors such as the efficacy of the drug and the integrity of the tablet.

In the chemical industry, it will affect the coloring and safety of pigments.

In the food industry, the taste, texture, and appearance of the product are also affected by the particle size of the powder.

Please provide the target partial size requirements, and bluslot will provide you with the best solution.

In addition, Bluslot also customizes wedge wire screen filtration products for the pharmaceutical industry.