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Cooling water filtration technology


Brief introduction of cooling water filtration process

Cooling water is used to remove heat from components and workpieces. It is basically applicable to all industries, such as power plants, refineries, chemicals, and even commercial buildings. It’s cheap, non-toxic, reusable, and heat can be removed through the cooling tower (see recycling system). It can also be used for one time. The water is ready-made, usually seawater. The closed-loop system is also suitable for comfortable refrigeration, HVAC applications. The filtration process is an important part to protect plant equipment and ensure smooth operation.
The solid pollutants in cooling water can cause many problems.
Scaling – resulting in reduced heat exchange capacity, plant equipment damage, higher energy consumption, and maintenance costs

Corrosion under scale – damage to piping and plant equipment.

Wedge wire filter for cooling water

It is widely used in circulating or non circulating cooling water systems, heat exchange systems, reclaimed water reuse systems, central air conditioning systems, central heating systems, hot water boiler systems, etc. to protect cooling equipment, heat exchange devices, air conditioner, boiler, etc.
When the water flows through the filter, the mechanical impurities in the water are intercepted by the wedge wire screen. When the accumulated impurities on the surface of the filter increase and the differential pressure reach 0.04MPa, the differential pressure switch will send a signal.
At the same time, the controller sends out the command, the drive motor starts, the blowdown valve opens, and the impurities deposited in the filter screen are brushed down by the rotating brush and discharged from the blowdown outlet. There is no need for personnel operation and shutdown in the whole process of brushing and blowdown.
At the same time, the equipment also has the functions of regular cleaning and manual cleaning, so as to ensure the safety and reliability of the effluent under any circumstances.

  • The filter precision of the wedge wire screen filter element is 100 μ m by default and can be selected from 100 to 3000 μ M. it has a large filtering area and high pollution capacity, and can be customized by users according to actual working conditions.
  • The cleaning method is simple, and the cleaning cycle is electronically monitored, which can realize automatic cleaning and sewage discharge. The parameters of the automatic self-cleaning filter control system can be adjusted.
  • It is equipped with motor overload protection, which can effectively protect the motor.