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Deep Well Screen and Shallow Well Screen


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  1. Deep water wells are wells that obtain deep groundwater. They are mainly used to obtain deep groundwater (ie, water below 20 meters below ground).
  2. In shallow water wells, the water source is mainly shallow groundwater, and the water quality of the water source is more easily affected. In general, shallow water wells are less than 20 meters away.

From the perspective of depth alone, the quality of deep water is relatively good. In fact, the best groundwater is covered groundwater, which means that confined groundwater has the best water quality.

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Deep wells

  1. Can be used as industrial, commercial and drinking water.
  2. Deep crust rock water is rich in many minerals needed for human health.
  3. Small area and abundant water.
  4. The water source is not polluted and can be drunk directly.
  5. The water will not freeze in winter, and deep-water wells have the function of temperature control.

After careful investigation steps, it is necessary to select the type of drilling rig and corresponding auxiliary equipment according to its own needs and water folds, wellbore structure design, well depth, diameter and formation conditions.

Next, before drilling, it is necessary to do the leveler platform, equipment placement, equipment storage, tower installation, and rig placement.

Rotary cores are the best choice for drilling in bedrock aquifers. During professional water well drilling, hydrogeological observations such as groundwater levels and circulating fluid holes should be made invisible.

During the drilling process, it is necessary to describe and layer soil samples, water samples, and temperature measurements. The quality and quantity of samples should also be guaranteed.

After drilling, it is necessary to check the borehole wall, bore diameter and depth before drilling to find out whether the borehole wall is regularly slippery. When irregular borehole walls are found to shrink, it is necessary to repair them.

In time to ensure the smooth implementation of subsequent processes and measure drilling depth. Then the slurry or water is pressed into the bottom of the hole, and the thick slurry from the bottom to the top is replaced by the hole.

When the mud returns to the well and the concentration of mud water injected at the bottom is fine, the mud exchange ends. The down tube must be implemented in strict accordance with the requirements. If necessary, a floating plate should be added to the pipeline and the bottom of the pipeline should be welded with steel plates.

When the well pipe is laid well, it should be filled with gravel. At this point, the selected gravel should be placed in the annular space between the well tube filter and the hole wall.

In the construction of deep water wells and shallow water wells, the selection of deep well screen and shallow well screen are also very important.

– material

– slot size

– width of the wedge wire

– diameter of the well screen pipe

(JOHNSON SCREEN) According to your use environment, our technicians will give the most professional suggestions.