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Drum Screen And Filter For Sewage Treatment In Cannery


We provide Johnson screen filter element (wedge wire filter) customization service for sewage treatment equipment and canning equipment of cannery.

A large amount of organic waste water produced in the production of canned fruits contains organic matters such as sugar, organic acid, pectin, acid, alkali, etc. if it is directly discharged into the natural water body without treatment, a large amount of dissolved oxygen will be consumed, resulting in water anoxia and death of fish and aquatic organisms.

With the rapid development of canned food plants, the problem of sewage treatment has attracted more and more attention.

Source and characteristics of sewage from canning production

Canned food processing technology and pollution generation.
The main procedures of canned fruit processing are: washing, peeling, canning, canning and sterilizing, washing equipment and utensils.

The composition of sewage from canned food processing is complex, and the water quality often changes dramatically due to the variety of processing.

Sewage water volume and water quality canned processing have a strong seasonality, The amount of sewage varies greatly, and the emissions and organic content of each production process vary greatly.

Mainly include pre-treatment fruit washing water, equipment washing water, floor washing water, effluent circulating water, etc.

The average drainage capacity of the cannery is 3-8m3 / T raw materials. The sewage mainly contains carbohydrates, sugars, pectin and other organic matters. It has high phosphorus content, insufficient nitrogen content, pH value between 5-10, and is easy to be degraded by microorganisms.

Fruit cannery sewage treatment equipment

  1. Plate and frame sludge dewatering machine:In a closed state, the sludge driven by the high-pressure pump is squeezed by the plate frame, so that the water in the sludge is discharged through the filter cloth to achieve the purpose of dehydration.

Features: Can’t run continuously, filter cloth is easy to be replaced frequently, and a concentration tank needs to be built.

2.Belt sludge dewatering machine:The sludge layer is carried by two tensioned filter belts, which pass through a series of bearings arranged in a regular way. The pressure on the sludge layer is formed by the tension of the filter belt itself, and the water in the sludge layer is squeezed out, so as to realize sludge dehydration.

Features: can not run continuously, short service life, can not be automatically washed, high cost of replacing filter cloth.3.Centrifugal sludge dewatering machine:It consists of a re-transmission and a screw conveyor with a hollow shaft. Sludge is fed into the WEDGE WIRE ROTARY DRUM SCREEN by the hollow shaft.

Under the centrifugal force generated by high-speed rotation, it is thrown into the Johnson trommel screen cavity.

Because the specific gravity is different, solid-liquid separation is formed.

The sludge is conveyed to the outlet of the cone end to be continuously discharged under the push of the screw conveyor.

Features: short service life, large power consumption and low output.

We also offer wedge wire screen basket for sludge extrusion screw separators.
Solid-liquid separation equipment for cannery: Parabolic screen filter.