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DSM screen: Standard for bearing strength of screen surface


When the wedge wire screen surface is laid at the bottom of the screen, the upgrading of the breeding environment can be improved. Usually, the chassis at the bottom of the screen is also set up, which can help clean up feces. The mesh aperture used in any screen can not reflect the parameters used in the comprehensive standard of aquaculture.

The tread operation of carrying training on the Internet is the standard for the use of comprehensive skills in the process of using a reasonable skill set according to the use requirements.

It is better to make better use of the mesh obtained from the weaving process and better achieve the availability of screen surface using comprehensive standards.

When trampling on the bottom of the screen, it is not recommended to select the net surface of the welding process to realize the installation, because the strength of the net surface bearing strength at the same time will lead to the wear and wear force of the grid surface at the other end. If it is welded mesh surface, it is easy to produce welding points. Therefore, it is convenient to install mesh layer for aquaculture industry.