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Electric steam generator filter element


Brand: BLUslot

Type: Sintered filter

Material: SS304

Bluslot provides customized services for the wedge wire screen filter element of the electric steam generator.

Electric steam generator, also known as inspection free small electric steam boiler and micro electric steam boiler, is a kind of micro boiler which can automatically supply water and heat, and continuously generate low-pressure steam. The small water tank, water supply pump and control operation system are integrated in a complete set, without complicated installation, just connect the water source and power supply.

It mainly provides necessary dry steam for canteen, dry cleaner, steam room and steam iron. It is commonly used in food factory, bean product factory and garment factory. Because the water volume of the electric steam generator is designed to be less than 30L, the installation and use of the electric steam generator are not subject to the inspection and management of the technical supervision department《 The boiler defined in the regulations on safety supervision of special equipment refers to the equipment that uses various fuels, electricity or other energy sources to heat the liquid to certain parameters and output heat energy. Its scope is defined as pressure steam boiler with volume greater than or equal to 30L; Pressure bearing hot water boiler with outlet water pressure greater than or equal to 0.1MPa (gauge pressure) and rated power greater than or equal to 0.1MW; Organic heat carrier boiler.

The electric heating steam generator is mainly composed of water supply system, automatic control system, furnace and heating system, and sintering filter filtration system.

It is widely used in washing and ironing industry: dry cleaning machine, dryer, washing machine, dehydrator, ironing machine, iron, etc; Packaging machinery industry: labeling machine, label machine matching use; Biochemical industry: fermentation tank, reactor, sandwich pot, mixer, emulsifier and other equipment supporting use; Food machinery industry: tofu machine, steamer, sterilization can, packaging machine, coating equipment, sealing machine, etc; Other applicable industries: (oil field, automobile) steam cleaning industry, (Hotel, dormitory, school, mixing station) hot water supply, (bridge, railway) concrete maintenance, (Leisure Club) sauna bath, heat exchange equipment, etc.