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Filter Element for Activated carbon filter


Bluslot provides stainless steel wedge wire screen filter elements for Activated carbon filter.

In the water quality pretreatment system, the activated carbon filter can adsorb the residual chlorine that cannot be removed in the previous stage of filtration to prevent the oxidation and degradation of the later stage reverse osmosis membrane. At the same time, it also adsorbs the small molecular organics and other polluting substances leaked from the previous stage, which has an obvious adsorption and removal effect on the peculiar smell, colloid, pigment and heavy metal ions in the water, and also reduces cod. It can further reduce the SDI value of RO inlet water to ensure SDI < 5 and TOC < 2.oppm.
Activated carbon filter pressure vessel is a pressure vessel filled with activated carbon.

The work of activated carbon filter is completed through carbon bed. The activated carbon particles that make up the carbon bed have many micropores and huge specific surface area, and have strong physical adsorption capacity. Water passes through the carbon bed, and organic pollutants in the water are effectively adsorbed by activated carbon. In addition, there are some oxygen-containing functional groups on the amorphous part of the activated carbon surface, so that the organic pollutants in the water passing through the carbon bed can be effectively adsorbed by the activated carbon. Activated carbon filter is a commonly used water treatment equipment. As the pre-treatment of water treatment desalination system, it can effectively ensure the service life of subsequent equipment, improve effluent quality and prevent pollution, especially the free residual chlorine poisoning pollution of subsequent reverse osmosis membrane and ion exchange resin.