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Filter element for Automatic filter


Bluslot customized wedge wire screen filter element specially used in Automatic filter.

Automatic self-cleaning filter is a kind of precision equipment that uses filter screen to directly intercept impurities in water, remove suspended solids and particles in water, reduce turbidity, purify water quality, reduce system dirt, bacteria, algae and rust, so as to purify water quality and protect the normal operation of other equipment of the system. The water enters the self-cleaning filter body from the water inlet. Due to the intelligent (PLC, PAC) design, the system can automatically identify the deposition degree of impurities and signal the blowdown valve for automatic blowdown.

Self cleaning filtration technology is a new filtration technology developed in the late 1970s. Its main advantage is that it can use water pressure for self-operation and self-cleaning, and the filtration does not stop during cleaning. Compared with the traditional filter, it has high degree of automation and small pressure loss, so it is unnecessary to manually remove the filter residue. The self-cleaning filter is applicable to the separation and filtration of industrial, agricultural, municipal and seawater desalination processes.