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Filter element for Boiler water collector


Bluslot customized wedge wire screen filter element specially used in Boiler water collector.

The main supporting equipment of the boiler is used to distribute the steam generated during boiler operation to each pipeline and connect the water distribution and collection devices for water supply and return of each heating pipe.

The water collector is a water distribution and collection device used to connect the water supply and return of each heating pipe in the water system. According to the inlet and return water, it is divided into water separator and water collector.

It is the main supporting equipment of the boiler, which is used to distribute the steam generated during the operation of the boiler to all pipelines. The cylinder is a pressure bearing equipment, which is a pressure vessel, and its pressure bearing capacity and capacity shall correspond to the supporting boiler. The main pressure components of the water collector are: head, shell material, etc.

Basic type: it is composed of water distribution main pipe and water collection main pipe. A valve is installed on each branch opening of the main water collecting pipe, and an automatic exhaust valve is installed on the main water collecting pipe. The basic water separator does not have flow regulation function.

Standard type: the structure of the standard type water collector is the same as that of the basic type, except that the ball valve on each main pipe is replaced by the flow regulating valve. Replace the manual exhaust valve on the two main pipes with the automatic exhaust valve. The standard water collector can precisely adjust the flow of each loop, and even the flow regulation of the luxury standard water collector can realize artificial intelligence regulation.