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Filter element for Cage culture


Bluslot customized wedge wire screen filter element specially used in Cage culture.

  • It can save the land and labor needed to excavate the fish pond, and the effect is fast after investment. Generally, all the costs can be recovered by raising fish in the current year, and the net cage can be used continuously for 2-3 years under normal circumstances.
  • Cage fish culture can make full use of water and erbium material organisms, implement mixed culture, close culture and high survival rate, and can achieve the purpose of creating high yield.
  • It has the advantages of short feeding cycle, convenient management, flexibility and simple operation. The net cage can be moved at any time according to the change of water environmental conditions. In case of waterlogging, the net height can be increased without being affected. In case of drought, the net position can be moved to the depression without loss. It can achieve the purpose of high and stable yield in drought and waterlogging.
  • It’s easy to catch. There is no need for special fishing tools during harvest. It can be listed at one time, or it can be caught in stages and batches according to the needs of the market, which is convenient for the transportation and storage of live fish and conducive to market regulation. The people call it “live fish body” on the water.
  • Strong adaptability and easy to popularize. Cage fish culture occupies a small water area. As long as there is a certain water level and flow, it can be raised in rural areas, factories and mines.
  • There is another way of investment here, to establish a marine fishing ground, create a marine leisure and entertainment platform, a leisure place integrating catering and entertainment (fishing, releasing, etc.), and create double income.