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Filter Element for central air conditioning water system


Bluslot provides stainless steel wedge wire screen filter elements for central air conditioning water system.

The water system of water-cooled central air conditioning system includes cooling water system and chilled water / hot water system (generally single pipe system, circulating chilled water in summer and circulating hot water in winter). Air cooled or air-cooled heat pump only includes refrigeration / hot water system. Circulating water system is an important part of central air conditioning system.
The water system type is a small semi centralized fan coil system, which bears all the indoor load by the cold and hot water units. The fan coil unit of each room is connected with the cold and hot water unit through pipes, and the cold and hot water provided is used for cooling and heating. The water system has flexible layout, good independent regulation and high comfort, which can meet the needs of decentralized use of complex room types and independent operation of each room. In addition, at present, the new water system air conditioning is also one of the best solutions for the application of floor heating system. Through the effective combination with floor heating, the way of low-temperature radiation heating with medium and low water temperature in a large area is more comfortable and energy-saving than the traditional fan coil heating system.