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Filter element for Centrifugal separation equipment


Bluslot customized wedge wire filter screen specially used in Centrifugal separation equipment.

Centrifugal separator is a machine that uses centrifugal force to separate components in liquid and solid particles or liquid and liquid mixture, also known as tubular centrifuge. The centrifugal separator is mainly used to separate the solid particles in the suspension from the liquid; Or separate two immiscible liquids with different densities in the emulsion (for example, cream, oil and water are separated from milk); it can also be used to remove liquids from wet solids.

Industrial centrifuges were born in Europe. For example, in the mid-19th century, there were three legged centrifuges for textile dehydration and top hanging centrifuges for separating crystalline granulated sugar in sugar factories. These earliest centrifuges were operated intermittently and manually. Due to the improvement of slag unloading mechanism, continuous operation centrifuges appeared in the 1930s, and intermittent operation centrifuges have also been developed due to the realization of automatic control.

In order to make up for the contradiction between corrosion resistance and strength, some advanced manufacturers generally adopt the self reinforcing technology of drum. In addition, Germany wischnouskiif et al. [developed 16] new material for separation drum. This centrifugal cast duplex stainless steel has the characteristics of high mechanical strength, good plasticity and corrosion resistance.