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Filter element for Chemical liquid filter


Bluslot customized wedge wire filter screen specially used in Chemical liquid filter.

The chemical liquid filter presses the liquid medicine with impurities into the filter barrel through the pump and removes the impurities through the filter element, so as to obtain high-precision and clean liquid medicine. Electroplating filters are widely used in electroplating, chemical, petroleum, pharmaceutical, and other industries.

  1. It is especially suitable for electroplating solution, chemical solution, pure water circulation filtration and other fields.
  2. The pump is driven by magnetic force without shaft seal, without leakage.
  3. Filter element design, wide filtering area, high efficiency, simple operation, clear and easy.
  4. The main body of the filter barrel is made of PP plastic, and the filter barrel material PP or PVDF is selected according to the customer’s needs.
  5. PP filter barrel material, service temperature below 70 ℃, and titanium beam ring group can be selected.

(1) Select the material of pump or filter according to the composition, concentration and temperature of liquid medicine

PVDF applicable conditions: it can withstand 95 ℃ high temperature and strong acid (high temperature chemical nickel, hexavalent chromium). Applicable conditions of FRPP: it can withstand 70 ℃ high temperature and general acid and alkali.

(2) Select the appropriate pump or filter type according to the customer’s requirements

Filter: electroplating filter, activated carbon processor for waste acid treatment, chemical nickel filter for electroless nickel plating and chromic acid filter for hard chromium plating.

Pump: magnetic pump (electrophoretic paint, pearl nickel plating, small filter – few bubbles); Vertical pump (electrophoretic coating, waste gas treatment, chemical nickel filter – can be used for liquid containing crystalline particles, resistant to idling); Self priming pump (electroplating solution transportation, wastewater treatment – strong self suction, general pump, low cost).

(3) Select the pump according to the head and flow requirements; Select the filter according to the size of the barrel groove and the number of cycles (filtering capacity = barrel groove capacity * number of cycles / hour)

For example, the tank is 1m long, 0.7m wide, 1.2m high, the number of cycles is 5-8 times / hour, and the number of cycles of alkalinity is relatively higher.

Answer: 1 * 0.7 * 1.2 * 8 = 6.7t, so choose a 10t electroplating filter