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Filter element for Circulating water bypass filter


Bluslot customized wedge wire filter screen specially used in Circulating water bypass filter.

The circulating water by-pass filter does not install the circulating water by-pass filter on the main circulating pipeline to filter all the circulating water, but leads out part of the circulating water from the main circulating pipeline for filtration. The circulating water by-pass filter filters the impurities in the system through gradual and repeated circulation interception, and finally through necessary backwashing, Filter the impurities out of the water circulation system.

By installing the circulating water bypass filter on the circulating water system, the sludge blockage of the end pipeline in the system can be prevented, and the impurities in the water circulating system can be removed more effectively with dosing treatment. Wellan series circulating water bypass filter can greatly reduce the discharge of circulating water, truly achieve energy conservation and emission reduction and reduce operation cost.

There will be a large amount of suspended solids in the circulating water system, especially in the cooling water. Due to the entry of dust and sundries in the air, some scale, rust scale and microbial slime will fall off and disperse after daily dosing treatment, resulting in turbidity of water quality. Due to the small solubility of various impurities in water, it is easy to remove them by mechanical filtration. Therefore, installing circulating water bypass filter on the system pipeline can achieve good results.