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Filter element for circulating water system


Bluslot customized wedge wire screen filter element specially used in circulating water system.

The function of circulating water system is to send cooling water (seawater) to the high and low pressure condenser to cool the exhaust steam of the low pressure cylinder of the steam turbine, so as to maintain the vacuum of the high and low pressure condenser and continue the steam water circulation. In addition, it also provides water for open water system and ash flushing system.

The circulating water cooling system is mainly composed of cooling tower, circulating water tank, circulating water pump, side filter system, dosing system, control instrument system, pipeline, valve, etc.

After heat exchange, the temperature of circulating water and process unit area rises, and then enters the cooling water tower respectively. After heat exchange with air in the tower, it drops into the cooling water tank under the tower and flows into the water collecting tank. The water from the water collecting tank enters the suction well through the double-layer grid, and then is pressurized by the circulating water pump and sent to each unit area. Part of the return water of the circulating water enters the bypass filtration system to reduce the suspended solids concentration of the circulating water. In order to reduce the corrosion and scaling of circulating cooling water on pipelines and equipment, the system is equipped with a set of full-automatic dosing facilities.