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Filter element for Coater


Bluslot customized filter element specially used in Coater.

The coater is mainly used for the surface coating process production of film, paper, etc. the coater is to coat the rolled substrate with a layer of glue, coating or ink with specific functions, and wind it up after drying.

The advent of air knife coater in the 1930s marked the birth of modern paper coating industry. Air knife coater overcomes the above shortcomings of brush coater and is rapidly popularized, resulting in a sharp increase in the output of coated paper.

According to the different feeding equipment, scraper type and scraper installation position, the scraper coating head is also divided into many kinds, such as hard edge scraper coater, drag scraper coater, soft edge scraper coater, fountain feeding scraper coater, short stay scraper coater, Bill scraper coater, scraping roller coater, etc.