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Filter element for Double filter material filter


Bluslot customized wedge wire screen filter element specially used in Double filter material filter.

Double filter material filter: it is an efficient and easy to operate sewage treatment equipment. It is suitable for the advanced treatment of oily sewage and has a good filtering effect on the fine treatment of suspended solids, iron ions and colloids in sewage.

It has the characteristics of compact structure, convenient operation, high degree of automation, stable operation, large equipment filtration speed, high filtration precision, strong sewage interception capacity, thorough backwashing and convenient maintenance. It has the advantages of simple structure, long service cycle and automatic application of backwashing. Therefore, it is a common and necessary primary filtration equipment in thermal power plant. It is often used as the first stage filtration equipment of series filtration.

  • Unique structure, rain type design, large filtering area, which can reduce the penetration, stabilize the filter bed and improve the filtering effect.
  • The filter material adopts SiO2 particles with purity of more than 99%, which has high density, strong hardness, smooth surface and thorough backwashing. At the same time, magnet ore or manganese sand with relatively high density is selected as the primary filter material, which is not easy to lose the filter material and prolong the service life. Then, through reasonable formulation, it can effectively remove suspended solids, colloids and iron ions in water.
  • The lower part of the deluge double-layer filter material filter adopts a small resistance water distribution system, which is not limited by the backwashing intensity, and is washed thoroughly to eliminate sand leakage and disordered layers. The removal rate of suspended solids in the water is more than 60%.
  • The utility model has the advantages of large processing capacity, convenient operation, high filtering precision and safe and reliable operation.
  • It can operate in series with pump circulating regeneration walnut shell filter to meet the requirements of high-precision operation of oilfield sewage treatment.
  • A fully automatic control system can be installed to make the equipment operate automatically, and start and backwash are all automated.