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Filter element for Equipment cooling water filter


Bluslot customized wedge wire filter screen specially used in Equipment cooling water filter.

Filters in equipment cooling water system of nuclear power plant.

A system used to provide cooling water to equipment to be put into use during normal operation and accident conditions of the reactor. It is the support system for the primary coolant system and special safety facilities of PWR nuclear power plant. The system is an intermediate cooling system, which provides a supervised intermediate barrier between the equipment containing radioactive fluid and the final heat sink (see Figure) to avoid the leakage of radioactive fluid to the environment.

The system is usually equipped with two independent and separated series, each series includes one or two equipment cooling water pumps, one or two equipment cooling heat exchangers and a surge tank. The two series share a corrosion inhibitor adding device. The equipment cooling water pump is a centrifugal pump. The equipment cooling heat exchanger is usually shell and tube type, which is designed according to the heat load of the waste heat exchanger 20 ~ 24h after shutdown plus the heat load of other equipment to be cooled under shutdown conditions. The pressure of equipment cooling water in the heat exchanger shall be higher than that of important service water system to prevent untreated raw water from leaking into the system and polluting and corroding the cooled equipment. A surge tank is connected to the population pipeline of the equipment cooling water pump to compensate for the water volume change caused by temperature change or leakage in the equipment cooling water system, facilitate the venting of the system and stabilize the inlet pressure of the equipment cooling water pump. In order to prevent the corrosion of the system and the cooled equipment, human-grade corrosion agent (commonly potassium grignate) is usually added to the equipment cooling water, And regularly take samples to check the water quality.