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Filter element for evaporator of ammonium sulfate wastewater


Brand: BLUslot

Type: Filter element & screen

Material: SS304

Bluslot provides customized services for the filter element of the evaporator of ammonium sulfate wastewater.

The evaporator is used to concentrate and crystallize the materials with small capacity and low output.

Evaporator operation mode

The operation mode of the generator includes intermittent, semi intermittent or continuous batch or continuous operation.

When the solution of single effect evaporator evaporates in the evaporator, the secondary steam generated by it is no longer used, and the solution is no longer sent to two hairdressers for concentration. Only one evaporator is needed for operation, which becomes single effect evaporation.

Evaporator principle: evaporation is the unit operation of solution concentration and crystallization. It uses heating method to make the nonvolatile solution in the solution boil and evaporate. Part of the solute is removed by vaporization, and the solution is concentrated.

The secondary steam generated by evaporation does not need to further evaporate the material. During evaporation, the secondary steam is no longer used after it is removed. It is only the evaporation of a single equipment.

For single effect evaporation, it is usually necessary to calculate water evaporation, heating steam consumption and heat transfer surface area of evaporator after given production task and determined operation conditions.

Components of evaporator

  • Preheater and heater. Generally, the materials to be evaporated will be preheated by the preheater before entering the heating chamber. The preheater can be divided into tubular preheater and plate preheater.
  • The choice of evaporator depends on the characteristics of the material to be evaporated.
  • Used for gas-liquid separation, that is, the separation of vapor and liquid.
  • Pump set. The selection is made according to the characteristics of the materials to be treated in single effect evaporation.