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Filter element for Filter sand cylinder


Bluslot customized wedge wire screen filter element specially used in Filter sand cylinder.

The filter sand tank can be used in various water purification and circulation systems such as swimming pool, water park filtration, drinking water pretreatment and so on.

Product category of high-speed sand cylinder filtration system: swimming pool filtration equipment > > swimming pool sand cylinder filtration equipment high-speed filter sand cylinder is made of glass fiber winding, corrosion-resistant and pressure resistant (normal working pressure is 2.5-4kg / cm2, and sand cylinders with special working pressure can also be provided). Suitable for water filtration in swimming pool, water park and massage pool; Industrial water purification, seawater and freshwater aquaculture, etc. Features: made of glass fiber winding, reinforced, pressure resistant and corrosion resistant* Multi port valve, easy to operate * unique water distributor and water collector form uniform water flow, and the concealed drainage channel drainage system has high efficiency * easy installation and less maintenance * the effluent turbidity is less than 2ntu.